September update

Published: Do 30 September 2021
By anna

During the first days of September, I did two hikes: the first one was in the Waldviertel, the part of the Bärentrail between Arbesbach and Rappottenstein. It's a nice long hike, like really long, approximately 20 km. There are few up- and downhill parts. It's nice but not so photogenic. The Große Kampschlucht is quite short and really difficult to photograph. I did not take many photos.



The second hike I made with my mum on her birthday. We went to the Almsee. We walked form the Seehaus to Habernau on the east shore of the lake, but it is best from the other direction.


Two new articles appeared:


Debian 11

I also bought a "new" camera: an Olympus OM 2. My first film is ready and I can fetch it from a local drug store. I shot it at the Schlosspark Laxenburg two weeks ago, it's an Ektar. The second film, a Portra 400, I used at the Schmetterlingshaus in the Burggarten. Another one I used at Heiligenkreuz in the Wienerwald. So I am very curious... and a bit nervous... I did shoot and even develop black and white prints more than 25 years ago. Back then I was still a child and had no idea about films etc.