October update

Published: So 31 Oktober 2021
By anna

So I made the first big journey "after" Corona. I went to Frankfurt and from there to Karlsruhe, Berlin, Neckargemünd and Utrecht. I met two developers and one curator. All people that I met were really nice. It was great. I am full of positive energy. But I also caught a cold. Unfortunately there was not much opportunity to hike and take landscape photos.

And so far I did not have much luck with analog photography either. The first film that I left at a local drugstore was destroyed because of technical issues. And my camera broke after the third film (I got my money back though). On the same day, I pulled a tic out of my belly. Meanwhile, my "new" camera is lying downstairs in the postbox, but the code that should open the box is broken.

I think this is one of my best analog captures so far:


This is digital - took them a few days ago:

Naturpark Sparbach


And this is in the Neckar valley: