Welterbesteig Wachau

Published: So 01 Mai 2022
By anna

So far I walked I think four parts of the Welterbesteig Wachau: the first, from Dürnstein to Krems, some years ago with a group; the second, from Hofarnsdorf to Rossatz, about a year ago; the third, from Dürnstein to Weißenkirchen, about two weeks ago; and the third, from Melk to Agssbach Dorf, yesterday. In general, the Welterbesteig hikes are not easy. The most difficult one so far was Hofarnsdorf to Rossatz, which goes up to the Seekopf and the Seekopfwarte. The descent from the Seekopf is quite steep, rocky and a bit dangerous. As far as I remember, Krems to Dürnstein is relatively easy, that's the only part which I walked at the end of October - highly recommended! For the most part, yesterday's hike was easy, too, but about 500-1000 meters of the descent, towards the end of the hike, is quite steep, and there is a part of 3-4 meters which is so steep that I had to move on my butt - clearly there should be a handrail or something like that but there isn't and I'm not sure if walking sticks would help. I mean, it would not be the Welterbesteig if everything were 100% easy. The part from Dürnstein to Weißenkirchen is also quite difficult for various reasons. Technically a bit difficult is the descent to Weißenkirchen, but above all this part is really long - much longer than stated on the website. According to the website, it's 16 km but my phone counted more than 20 km or 36000 steps. But I think there is really no place where you could spend the night between Dürnstein and Schildhütten. Well, I'd definitely recommend to spend a night in Schildhütten, right before Weißenkirchen, because - otherwise it's more than 20 km. But the really great view comes after Schildhütten. As far as taking photos in concerned: there are some really nice viewpoints, but there should be more. For the most part, you don't see the Danube because trees are blocking the view. But if there were no trees, the views would be great. Maybe a drone could be handy for this particular long distance hike. But there should definitely be more lookouts.

This is a photo that I took from the Seekopfwarte, I think:


This is Schloss Schönbüehl, I took it yesterday:


And this is the loop between Dürnstein and Weißenkirchen:


I want to mention two more things.

First, I am trying to build up a community on pixelfed.social. I am uploading one photo per day and it looks like it's a real alternative to Instagram. It is possible to get followers, likes and attention in general. And above all, Pixelfed does not manipulate anything, there is no algorithm, so it looks like it's really the good photographers that get more attention and followers. I think in a few months, I will have enough followers on Pixelfed to leave Instagram, but it will not be easy to leave a community that I built up for several years. I am still uploading photos to Instagram but I am becoming more and more "passive" - I only look into my photostream every few days, so I can't like all of my follower's photos. Apparently there are already quite some interesting photographers on Pixelfed, at least many more than two years ago. For people who just started with photography, I would definitely recommend Pixefed as it is easier to get follwers than on Instagram. Instagram is just wasting time.

Second, I switched to Delta Chat as email client for my smartphone. I think I still need to fix one or two things but all in all, it looks like a really nice piece of software for smartphones.

Well, finally, I will not travel to Luxemburg anytime soon - something unpleasent came up. Instead, I am planning to spend some days in Lunz am See at the end of May or later.