Fadensattel, Metalab etc.

Published: Do 09 März 2023
By anna

I am running out of photos, currently I am uploading old pics to pixelfed. I don't know... lot of work and the weather is kind of not ideal. And I have no idea where I should go. Plus, the season is not so good, no snow but no green either.

I went for a hike in the Schneeberg region a few weeks ago.



I climbed up to the Fadensattel from Losenheim. It was a sunstar day obviously, but there was not so much snow.

As I already mentioned on pleroma.s-a.at, exactly one month ago I went to the "Debienna Treff" at the Metalab. There I happened to meet a handsome young man who is also into photography, and we founded the Libre Graphics Vienna libregraphicsvienna.at, a local user group for open source graphics software. It was him who approached me with the idea. The first meeting was a week ago, we were seven people I think and we talked about darktable. I think it was really nice, but several darktable users that I already met did not come. We also have a real darktable dev here in Vienna. Well, and of course we were kind of snow white and the six dwarfs or something like that, although there is at least one more lady in this region.

Well... I must say, from a female perspective, there is the typical darktable user/developer: he is between 30 and 40, 2 meters tall, a professional/former football player (= rich and athletic), has a Ph.D. and is extremely nice. Exceptions confirm the rule. Well, mayble this a little bit exaggerated but suriously: a darktable user is not an average Linux guy, but considerably taller, better looking and nicer.

By the way: RawTherapee users/devs are similar, but they are a bit older and they like to smoke.

Last but not least - another pic from the Semmering hike - my most popular photo on pixelfed so far (more than 150 favs):