Corfu (addendum)

Published: So 30 April 2023
By anna

I forgot to mention a few things: every 5th or 10th tree on Corfu has no leaves. I only realized after a few days that those tress won't get any leaves ever: they have dried out and are dead.

Also important: I mostly used the 8-25mm/f4.0 lens, which I possess since a while now but had not really tested before this jourey. It's my most expensive lens and I could only afford it because I "sold" the vendor 3 older lenses. But I think I can say that it's a great lens.

It's pretty macro. This is a tiny flower:


And the bokeh is not bad either. This was also a small poppy:


Oh, this reminds me: before the journey I also made a day trip to Hallstatt, on Easer Monday. The "prey" is already on Pixelfed. During this trip, I also used the 8-25. Just to show that it makes good sunstars as well.


Well and last but not least: this blog now also has an Atom feed.