Lunz, Litschau & Budapest

Published: Do 24 August 2023
By anna

In the beginning of August I spent a week in Lunz am See, but I was kind of unlucky: it was raining almost all of the time and the trail to the Obersee was closed, again. I hope I will be able to make this hike next year. Of course, I did not have the chance to swim in the lake, either, because it was really cold. However, I made one hike on the second day I think. On that day, it was not raining heavily all day, only in the afternoon and the evening. I went up to the Maißzinken which is famous for this view:


When I arrived at the viewpoint on the top of the mountain, a group of probably local hikers was already there. They were having lunch while it was raining. This hike is not exactly short and a bit exhausing but, all-in-all, it is not so difficult/dangerous. The most difficult part is between Rehberg and Seeau on the way back to Lunz, where it might be a bit rocky and downhill. Landscape-wise, it is really nice. Well and, since it was raining most of the time, it was kind of a really relaxing holiday.

About a week later, I made a day-trip to Litschau in the Waldviertel. I made the hike to the Höllgraben. This is a really easy and not too long hike. The landscape does not seem to be that impressive while you are in it, however, the photos turned out to be quite ok, so it is indeed photogenic:


And, last but not least, after several years of break, I photographed the August-20-fireworks in Budapest. This time, I chose f/8 and 6 seconds, and used a variable ND-filter. The photos are ok, nevertheless, I think 6 seconds are too long, 4 seconds are enough. In the beginning I set the filter to ND 8 or so, but towards the end I had to set it much higher to prevent overexposure.


Well, the most important news is probably the fact that I just signed up for a Python class at the Volkshochschule. The idea is to continue with C.

At the moment, I am thinking about spending some time on one of the Canary Islands in December or so. But I don't know yet which island, and I don't know if I will have enough money. Thank God, next year the Libre Graphics Meeting will continue, and I will need money for that, too. La Palma seems to be interesting, but there is no direct flight from Vienna to La Palma. And I am not sure about public transportation on La Palma. Gran Canaria might be an alternative. Lanzarote seems to be the least interesting option, although there is a direct flight to Arrecife.

I hope I will be able to put my plans into action. There was a bit of trouble in my life during the past months...