Fresh air everywhere

Published: Mi 04 Oktober 2023
By anna

Not much news during the past weeks. I think almost 4 weeks ago I made a hike on the Rax. I walked down from the Rax to the Höllental through the Großer Kesselgraben. According to this book it's an easy hike, but really it's a hike that has several easy parts. It's hike nr. 24 in the book. Of course, 1250 meters downhill cannot really be easy. The part between Wolfgang-Dirnbacher-Hütte and Gloggnitzer Hütte is quite uphill and a bit dangerous, and the last and very long part from the Gloggnitzer Hütte to the Höllental is downhill, obviously, sometimes rocky, sometimes stony and slippery. My knees hurt when I arrived at the end, but I kind of thought that this was the real thing. I think it was a Sunday, there were very many hikers on the mountain but from the Höllentalaussicht there was almost nobody. Landscape-wise... well... there is certainly more to photograph on the main trails on the Raxalpe. It's ok, but for an alpine hike, it's not super impressive. But I guess it's a normal alpine hike.

This is the Höllentalaussicht:


And this is the Großer Kesselgraben:


On the day when I became ill, I made a walk in the Wasserpark and the Donaupark (Vienna) and after a long time, I took the analog camera with a Kodak Ultramax 400 with me.

This is my favorite:


But this is the most popular shot on


This shot got I think more than 60 favs so far but I kind of think that it's not really good.

On the very same day, I got fever. I think I caught the Corona virus two days earlier. I went to a museum, a restaurant and a coffee shop with a friend, but I think I didn't get it from her. She had been sick about a month earlier. On the next day, I went swimming, and I thought that there was too much choride in the water because I had very mild throat ache while I was in the water. I had 39 degrees fever for two days or so, but the real throat ache only started a few days later. That was also a bit strange, because when you get a cold, or the flu, usually it starts with throat ache. Otherwise, it felt like a milder kind of flu. I think about a week after the onset of the illness, I couldn't smell anything and my wisdom tooth hurt. Meanwhile, the tooth calmed itself miraculously and I think I am starting to smell again. I could't imagine that not being able to smell is such a burden and extremely annoying. It's really like a disability. I could stand next to a smoking person without any problems. I didn't smell my own sweat, I did not know if I had to change my clothes. And it was really strange to not smell the food you eat. Clean fresh air everywhere...

I also want to mention that I am working on a new photo website: I am using wordpress for it with the Activitypub Plugin, so it is also a Fediverse instance. I am also using the Wordpress Media Library Assistant plugin, which, among other things, makes it possible to display all kinds of metadata like the name of the lens automatically. I think this plugin is not easy to use, but really awesome. In addition, I am using Imagemagick engine. With this plugin, photos that are not in sRGB are displayed and converted correctly. Too bad that there is no Fediverse plugin for Piwigo or Zenphoto.

Well, and last, but not least: I published a new exhibition review.