Wachau, geotagging, dumb phones etc.

Published: So 05 November 2023
By anna

I made several hikes during the past weeks. Yesterday I walked the Welterbesteig Wachau part 12 from Rossatz to Oberbergern. Easy hike, if not very easy, highly recommended though the landscape is not quite as impressive as around Spitz or Weißenkirchen, or Aggstein. I had to walk some extra kilometers since there is no bus in Oberbergern on Saturday, but the end was one of the most interesting parts of the whole hike. From Oberbergern I went to Unterbergern through the fields and from there to Hundsheim bei Mautern via the so called Römerstraße, which looks like this:


As you can see, it is a trail, or something like an artificial gorge that was cut into the earth very long time ago. And this is probably the best viewpoint of the hike right before the top of the Pemexel:


One week earlier I walked part 3 from Weißenkirchen to Spitz. Also easy, although I walked one part of this hike a few years ago and it seemed quite difficult.



Before that, I made a hike around the Alte Donau with the analog camera, but the film is not digitized yet. And on one of the first days of October, I made a hike at the Untere Lobau, also with the analog camera. It's a really boring landscape, and I only took a few shots, but I am quite pleased with the result.



Well, for this kind of landscape, boring is probably not the right word. I think modest or simple are better. And the result is a more simple, "meditative" kind of photography. I think I should make more hikes in "simple" or flat regions. It's probably not so easy to take good landscape shots in a "boring" environment, but it is easier to concentrate on the essence of landscape photography, the composition. The subject (content, icongraphy) kind of doesn't distract from the aesthetic form. It's the photographer who needs to create the beauty and not nature.

Finally, I tried geotaggig. It works, with both darktable and Digikam, but Digikam is definitely better. If you download the photos from this article and inspect their metadata, you will see that they have GPS and location data. The starting point was Media Library Assistant for Wordpress. I wanted to have the name of the location in the captions. I guess, in the end, I need to finally start managing my photos, if I want to display useful information about them on galerie.simon-a.info. And Digikam is really excellent for that.

I think I want a dumb phone. I recently met a young gentleman who uses an old Nokia phone. But I want a new one with KaiOS. A good one is not so cheap. But I don't know what to do with my Samsung smartwatch. I think in the long run, I will need to get a different watch that can be paired with my tablet. I am really curious about those feature phones. My mum needs a new phone, and we were figuring that I will get a new one for myself and give her the one I am using right now. But now the watch is really a problem... I mean I like the watch. I think the solution can only be that I put a new simcard into the feature phone and test it for some time. How dependent are we of smartphones?

Well, last but not least, I want to mention that I was going to give this article the title "Cold war propaganda". Another young woman I know got breast cancer. But I am too furious and emotional about this right now. Maybe I will write more about it another time.