Memories of Tenerife

Published: Sa 06 Jänner 2024
By anna

Not much news during the past weeks, not many new thoughts either. But it's time for another post. I only made one hike a few days ago through the Höllental with two friends. I had to look through old photos because I was running out of them, but I discovered quite a few nice pics of my journey to Tenerife in October 2022.



I did not sleep much, but it was such a great journey!

And one pic of my last hike:


However, the snowy hike in the Wienerwald in December produced more nice pics, in my last post I only shared two of them. This is the most popular one on Pixelfed:


Since a few weeks, KDE Plasma is my new desktop environment. Well, actually since a few months, since I installed Bookworm, but I only learned to really love it recently. I also had a quick look at Plasma 6 in KDE Neon Unstable. The most important new "feature" is the fact that it's in Qt6. Color management with Wayland looks awesome at first sight, desktop icons are not oversaturated, but photos in larger color spaces than sRGB are displayed as sRGB. It would be great if this worked properly eventually.

I have this dual graphics laptop from 2019, with an Nvidia Geforce MX250 I think, and Nvidia Prime hybrid mode kind of does not work with it. The battery is almost dead, but I don't like the fan whining all the time. Currently, Kubuntu with Prime Select works best, this can really switch on and off the Nvidia. Bumblebee/Debian 12 is broken, Optimus Manager/Arch is broken. Apparently, EnvyControl does work on Arch and derivatives, but not on Debian 12. The only disadvantage of EnvyControl is the fact that restarting X11 is not enough, you have to completely reboot the system. So that's why Kubuntu works best. I'm a bit excited about Ubuntu 24.04, Mint 22 and KDE Neon.

I bought an external 480GB SSD, currently there are I think 4 partitions on it with 3 different Linux systems. One of them is KDE Neon Unstable. Arch derivatives like Endeavour, Garuda or Manjaro are also very interesting, I am going to install one or two of them today and try to use them as my daily driver. I think Arch (derivatives) are more usable than Debian Testing/Sid. But the broken Optimus-Manager is still in the repo. Manjaro would be sympathetic, the devs are German and Austrian, but apparently it has acquired a "bad reputation" during the past years, and the vkdt appimage does not work on it. I think I have to check if the vkdt issue can be fixed.

I finally updated my publication list.