More memories and two hikes

Published: Fr 09 Februar 2024
By anna

I found more good shots among the old Tenerife photos. This one is quite popular on Pixelfed:


This is one of my personal favorites:


I made two more hikes in January. One of them was this one. A highly recommended hike, especially combined with this. I think I need to go there in summer as well. The view from the Almreserlhaus/Edelweißhütte is very nice...


During the descent I slipped on the ice and fell, and had a bruise on my hip for a few days. But it didn't hurt, it happened very suddenly. The way down was not dangerous at all, actually I think it's possible to go up to the Almreserlhaus by car, but it was icy. Ok, I forgot to mention one important thing: I started in Losenheim/Schneeberg Sesselbahn, climbed up over the Dürre Leiten to the Almreserlhaus/Edelweißhütte and went back to the point of origin over the easy direct way which is the second trail. I think I saw the footprints of a wolf in the snow. There is one short part which is rather uphill and a bit rocky...

Approximately two weeks later, I made another hike close to Wöllersdorf, this time together with a gentleman. The hike is marked as highly recommended in the book "Wiener Hausberge Nord", but I was a bit disappointed. The only more or less interesting thing during that hike was the Steinerner Stadl, which is a cave:


By the way, the last photo was edited with vkdt. I am running out of photos again, I need to go hiking soon, but during the next days I have to work, and after that the weather won't be good I think.