The Gelände, the Schwammerling & vkdt

Published: Sa 02 März 2024
By anna

So, another month has passed, again!

A few weeks ago I made another hike with Mr. H. We went up to the Geländehütte from Grünbach am Schneeberg and back down to Grünbach on a different trail. This hike is correctly marked as intermediate in the book "Wiener Hausberge Nord". Approximately 1 km before the Geländehütte, the trail gets quite uphill and rocky, and the beginning of the Eselsteig down to Grünbach is similar, so it is definitely necessary to put the camera into the backpack. Otherwise, a very nice hike with some great views.



And a few days ago I made the hike Naturparkweg Mühlviertel in Rechberg. This is also a highly recommended, easy and not too long hike. However, the problem is that you can only get to Rechberg with public transportation on weekdays, and even on weekdays, apparently the trains and buses in Upper Austria have become unreliable. Actually I had to pay 42 Euros for a Taxi because the train from Linz to Perg was delayed by 9 minutes and the bus in Perg did not wait 5 minutes for the train to arrive. Well, that was that.

But Mr. H. did not come with me this time. Either he thinks that he can make himself more interesting if he does not always say yes, even though I think that he loved our first hikes, and actually wanted to come to this one as well. Or he is disappointed because last time we only walked and talked. Or maybe both?



Well, and I guess an important news is that I have several commints in vkdt.

As you can see, the last pic looks a bit different. That's because it was edited with darktable. The others were edited with vkdt.