Kleiner Sonnstein & Puchberg

Published: Mo 29 April 2024
By anna

So, according to Matomo the visitors from libregraphicsmeeting.org are coming to this website. That is good!

I made two hikes this month: the first one to the Kleiner Sonnstein at the Traunsee, and the second around Puchberg am Schneeberg. Landscape-wise, both of them are awesome and highly recommnded, but the Sonnstein-hike is not so easy.

On the Sonnstein-hike, Mr. H. was with me again. Well... I think this hike was the most difficult one that we made together and... I was faster uphill, he was faster downhill, as always. So the last 500 meters or so before the summit is really rocky and steep. It's not a via ferrata, and it's not really a vertical wall either but... I think this hike goes more towards difficult. It's probably more difficult/dangerous than a well maintaind and easy via ferrata. When we reached the top, we were wondering: how are we going to go down again? But somehow we made it. The good thing is, and that's why it's not really dangerous: there are a lot of hikers. We went up on a weekday and there were a lot of tourists from everywhere, South America, Israel, and above all from Hessen, because there the childrend still had holidays. But a lot of people who reached the top were complaining that the hike was not really intermediate. There were even people who asked us for help. I knew that it was not easy, I planned this hike for years, but I didn't want to go alone. I actually expected it to be steep and rocky right before the summit but it was a bit more difficult than I had thought. But I don't regret it.


The Kleiner Sonnstein is the highest mountain in this picture (on the right side). The way from the first (lower) summit to the second (higher) summit is ok, it's the part right before the lower summit that is difficult.


The hike in Puchberg is just awesome. I made it last Saturday I think. The beginning, the ascent to the Himberg, is the most difficult part, a bit exhausting, narrow trail and sometimes a bit exposed but nothing serious really. Although you better put your camera into your backpack and just take it out for the viewpoints. Well but it's relatively long, definitely more than 15 kilometers.

I know now that I probably won't give my smartphone to my mother, and use her old one instead. Maybe I will get myself a new one and then give this one to her. Anyway, I did not take any ultrawide lens with me and the only ultrawide that I had with me was my smartphone. Thank God I did not forget to use Open Camera, so I could edit the DNGs. And apparently the first smartphone pic that I uploaded to Pixelfed is quite popular... Or I should always take the small Laowa with me, if I put the 12-45 on the camera. But gaining some experience with DNGs from my smartphone was not bad at all, quality-wise they are better than I expected.


The most spectacular parts of this hike are the beginning and the views of the Schneeberg from the Himberg, and the last third which leads through the rocky valley of the Sierning. But there were not many hikers on this trail, even though the weather was great and it was a Saturday, I am not sure why. A few days before the hike I didn't even know where to go. I studied at least 10 hiking books, but then I chose this hike in Puchberg because it was close and cheap to reach with the ÖBB and not too exhausting. I definitely didn't expect it to be this awesome, it wasn't marked as highly recommended in "Wiener Hausberge Nord", but it's definitely better than the hike to the Steinerner Stadl, which is marked as "top".


Otherwise, there's not much news I guess. A lot of work... and I was a bit anxious because of the strike of the employees of Austrian Airlines... thank God that's over now. Still don't know which operating systems to install on my laptop for LGM.

Well, I have to write it again: I still miss the Canary Islands so much!

And one more thing: if everything goes well, I will host a workshop about vkdt at the Linux Tage in Chemnitz next year.