1. November-December update

    Published: So 02 Jänner 2022
    By anna

    So not much news in November and December. I was working.

    In the beginning of December we had some snow. Luckily I was able to do a hike before it melted.



    I edited these in vkdt. I took them just outside of Vienna, in the Wienerwald near Breitenfurt.

    Well, I …

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  2. October update

    Published: So 31 Oktober 2021
    By anna

    So I made the first big journey "after" Corona. I went to Frankfurt and from there to Karlsruhe, Berlin, Neckargemünd and Utrecht. I met two developers and one curator. All people that I met were really nice. It was great. I am full of positive energy. But I also caught …

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  3. September update

    Published: Do 30 September 2021
    By anna

    During the first days of September, I did two hikes: the first one was in the Waldviertel, the part of the Bärentrail between Arbesbach and Rappottenstein. It's a nice long hike, like really long, approximately 20 km. There are few up- and downhill parts. It's nice but not so photogenic …

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